5 Unforgettable Team Building Activities in Toronto

At Workhaus, we recognize the importance of positive work culture. Incorporating a diverse range of team building activities helps to strengthen bonds between staff members […]

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At Workhaus, we recognize the importance of positive work culture. Incorporating a diverse range of team building activities helps to strengthen bonds between staff members while encouraging a positive and collaborative work environment. Toronto’s world-class attractions provide the perfect backdrop for your team to connect and create memorable and impactful moments. So, we’ve put together a list of activities for your next company social to help your team better connect. 

1. Indulge in a Team Lunch or Dinner

There’s something magical about breaking bread together. Gather your team at one of Toronto’s hip restaurants for a delectable dining experience. Sharing a meal not only satisfies appetites but also provides an informal setting for team members to bond. Try happy hour at King Taps or Mexican delights at Playa Cabana, where the ambiance and cuisine will provide the perfect backdrop for great conversation.

2. Unleash Creativity by Hosting a Paint and Sip Event

Painting and sipping together can be incredibly fun and relaxing; even those who have never picked up a paintbrush before can create masterpieces. It’s an opportunity to unleash creativity and discover hidden talents within the team. You can either let a professional artist guide your team through a creative journey, or set up a DIY paint and sip session for a more casual approach. Provide art supplies, canvases, and beverages, then let your team explore their artistic side. This laid-back environment encourages team members to interact in a stress-free setting, fostering creativity and teamwork.

3. Conquer Challenges at an Escape Room

For smaller teams looking for a fun adventure together, try visiting one of Toronto’s many escape rooms. These immersive experiences challenge teams to solve puzzles and work together under pressure. It’s a fantastic way to enhance problem-solving skills and test your team’s ability to collaborate effectively. Plus, the adrenaline rush from beating the clock creates lasting memories!

4. Explore the City Through a Scavenger Hunt

Toronto’s diverse neighbourhoods provide the perfect backdrop for an exciting scavenger hunt. Companies like Let’s Roam or Zombie Scavengers offer adventures where teams work together to solve clues, complete challenges, and explore iconic landmarks. If you’re feeling creative, you can even put together your own scavenger hunt by having them look for some of your favourite local spots and having teams take photos when they find them. Though it may not sound quite as ‘creative’ as the Zombie related activity noted above, our Director of Community organized a PATH scavenger hunt… Quite the challenge for those without prior experience, navigating the underground labyrinth! 

Not only does this activity encourage teamwork and strategic thinking, but it also allows your team to discover hidden gems in the city (or underneath in this case).

5. Hone Communication Skills with an Improv Workshop

If your goal is to enhance communication, collaboration, and creativity among your team members, try enrolling in a corporate improv workshop. Improv exercises promote quick thinking, active listening, and adaptability – vital skills in any workplace. Toronto boasts a vibrant improv scene with a host of theatres, learning centres, and experts who can tailor workshops to your team’s specific needs. These sessions are not only educational but also incredibly fun and can leave a lasting impact on your team dynamic.

We’re proud to say that all of our Toronto locations are within steps of so many of the city’s great attractions and offerings. Whichever activity you choose for your team, you can find it nearby to begin (or continue) your team’s journey toward building stronger connections and a positive work culture!