Be Honest, The CNE Is Really All About The Food Trucks Isn’t It?

Pop up season is upon us. And what’s the biggest, most celebrated pop up in Toronto? Why, the CNE of course. The Canadian National Exhibition […]

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Pop up season is upon us. And what’s the biggest, most celebrated pop up in Toronto? Why, the CNE of course.

The Canadian National Exhibition (CNE) has taken over the Exhibition Grounds until September 2nd. This is your last weekend to experience the rides, the shows, and of course, the food. So we thought we’d save you the trouble of searching for what’s good and look at some of the most interesting options out there.

Cotton Candy Tacos
Candy Time


Photo Credit @letsgototheex

Dip your toes into this fluffy piece of Heaven. Brought to you by everyone’s favourite carnival food truck, Candy Time, these candy tacos are encased with a waffle cone to seal the deal.

Frozen Cookie Dough Spaghetti
Film Café Restaurant by Eative


Photo Credit @eativefilmcafe

Coming in hot (or I guess cold?) from Eative, a Japanese-inspired café, this tasty dessert is sure to melt in your mouth. Topped with your choice of chocolate, strawberry or caramel sauce, carbs never tasted so good.

Deep Fried Avocado
Burrito Co.’s


Photo Credit The Food Network

Is there anything more millennial than avocados? It’s only natural that Burrito Co. is taking advantage of something so good, so easy, and so basic. Avo-thank you!

Tokyo Street Dog
Street Dogs


Photo Credit Toronto Life

Why have a regular hot dog when you can have one deep-fried in tempura batter topped with teriyaki sauce? This dog is sure to overload the senses with some kewpie mayo and crispy nori for extra measure.

Maple Bacon Churropop
Pancho’s Bakery


Photo Credit The Food Network

Picture this, a lollipop Maple Bacon Churropop. Have we peaked your interest? Head on over to the food court building at the CNE for this tasty treat. You can snack on it while you investigate what’s for lunch.

Pickled Lemonade


Photo Credit The CNE

Pickles and lemonade. Two words you wouldn’t assume should go together, and yet, somehow they do. It’s thanks to this concoction that people are praising Splash for giving them this zesty taste of life at the CNE.

Huh, who knew right?

Now these are just some treats that tickled our fancy. But with hundreds of vendors taking up shop on the CNE grounds, the options are endless.

The CNE is a great example of multiple vendors working together in one shared place. This is coworking at its finest. You pop in, set up shop, do your job, network and then your out. What more could you ask for?

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