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Why should I go with Workhaus vs other coworking and flex office providers?

We pride ourselves on providing as much value for our members as possible. We operate with a ‘3 C’s’ strategy – Culture, Community, and Convenience – ensuring that individuals and companies across the country are excited to go to work every day. You can learn more here.

Is Workhaus actually Canadian?

Yes! Workhaus is completely Canadian owned and operated. We take pride in supporting a variety of  companies – big and small – across the nation and are proud to be part of their growth and continued success.

Do you offer day passes?

Yes, we do offer day passes at select locations. These cost $35.00 per individual, per day, and include 9am – 5 pm access to a select number of locations. While WiFi and coffee/tea are included, a day pass does not give you access to our full list of services, amenities, and programming. In most cases, our monthly memberships are more economical than day passes. To inquire about day passes or our monthly membership options, please get in touch.

Can I rent an office for the day for my team?

At this time, we do not offer daily office rentals. However, we recommend getting in touch to inquire about our membership options or meeting room rentals.

Are there any hidden membership fees I should be aware of?

We are completely open and upfront with our fee structure. Along with your monthly membership fee, members may be charged fully refundable deposits for access cards, office keys, and office damage deposits (depending on the workspace solution selected). These will appear on your first invoice. There are no additional fees for account set up (except Digital Reception services), office cleaning, door unlocking, coffee/tea, printing and scanning, 24/7 access, or any of other listed services and amenities.

How do I cancel a membership?

Our membership cancelation policies are clearly stated in our Membership Agreement and will be reviewed with you prior to signing up. Generally, we require 30-60 days notice (unless otherwise stated) in writing to cancel a membership.

Can I bring my own furniture?

Yes, you can bring in your own furniture (i.e. desk chair, standing desk, etc.). However, this must be approved by Workhaus prior to it being brought into the space. There are no discounts for bringing your own furniture from.

Is parking included with the price of a membership?

No, parking is not included in the price of a membership. Any parking costs are  an individual expense, handled directly through our building partners or other third party lot operators. If you are in need of parking, we have done our research and would be happy to provide a full list of parking options near your selected location.

Will I be provided with monitors and equipment?

Our workspace solutions are fully furnished and set up for ‘plug and play’, meaning that you will be required to bring your own devices. If you do require monitors, laptops, or any other type of equipment, we have a variety of preferred vendors with purchase and leasing discounts to assist you.

Are boardroom credits included with all memberships?

Yes, boardroom credits are included with all memberships! The number of monthly credits allocated is based on the membership type. Extra credits can be purchased for an additional fee.

Do you offer day passes?

Yes, we do offer day passes at select locations. These cost $25.00 per day and include 9-5 pm access to a select number of locations. While WiFi and coffee/tea are included, a day pass does not give you access to our full list of services, amenities and programming. In most cases, our monthly memberships are more economical than day passes. To inquire about day passes or our monthly membership, please get in touch.


Anybody entering the space will need to be fully vaccinated against COVID-19. Prior to entry, we may ask you to verify your vaccination status. We may also check vaccine passports upon entry.

Do you accept event space bookings?

Event bookings must be professional in nature (i.e. fireside chats, speaker series, presentations, networking mixers, etc.) and need to be approved by Workhaus management. Events such as birthday parties and weddings are not permitted. Typically, events are hosted at our Commerce Court South, KW Market, and Calgary Core locations.

Who have you partnered with in the past?

We have worked with a number of partners. These include small local goods and services providers nearby specific locations, as well as national partnerships that extend to our entire network. Current or past partners include Telus, Samsung, Fiverr, General Assembly, DMZ, Toronto Life, Goodfood, Indochino, and many more.

I would like more information about partnering with Workhaus. Who should I contact?

For more information about partnership opportunities, please contact hello@workhaus.ca and let us know what you’re thinking. We’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

Do you work with brokers?

Yes, we most certainly do! Our sales team can provide brokers with a variety of space solutions that will suit each client’s individual needs and requirements. Brokers who complete deals with Workhaus are eligible for commission at extremely competitive rates. For more information, please get in touch.

How is coworking and flexible space different from traditional real estate?

Coworking offers a more flexible, purpose driven alternative to traditional real estate. Our fully serviced, amenity filled locations provide a turn-key solution for companies of all sizes. For more information, please contact hello@workhaus.ca.

Do you offer virtual tours?

Our sales team would be happy to schedule a virtual tour for you and/or your clients. We can also provide tour videos for a select number of locations.

What is the maximum number of people you can find solutions for?

We are able to accommodate teams from 1-100 through shared and/or private space options. Entire floor plates may also be available at select locations.

My client is looking at acquiring a new space a few months from now. Can you hold the space?

Coworking and flexible office space acts as an on-demand solution for a variety of companies. We handle these requests on a case by case basis, depending on the term length and the total space requirement. If you have a client with a future need, please get in touch with us and we can work together to determine the best solution.

What type of events does Workhaus host?

We primarily host corporate events, including but not limited to speaker series, fireside chats, founder matchmaking, panel discussions, and networking events. Event spaces are available at our Commerce Court South, Kitchener-Waterloo, and Calgary locations and can accommodate anywhere from 100-150 people seated or standing, depending on the event.

Birthdays, weddings, retirement parties, and similar events cannot be hosted at Workhaus.

How much does it cost to host an event at Workhaus?

We work with each organization to learn more about their event needs and will bill accordingly. Generally, the cost will include an hourly rate for the space as well as a Workhaus staff member to be on site (catering and any unique requests will be billed at a separate rate). To get a quote for your event, email us at hello@workhaus.ca.

Are Workhaus events open to the public?

If an event is open to the public, it will be advertised as such. However, the vast majority of events are private or ticketed events by the planning organization.

What is your catering and alcohol policy at events?

Catering is welcome at any event so long as the event planners coordinate this with our events team. This includes the drop off, clean up, and pick up of any catering-related items. If alcohol is to be served at an event, it must be served by a licensed bartender. We also require event organizers to obtain a Special Occasion Permit via the AGCO (a catering company may cover this as well).

I have a media inquiry. Who can I speak with?

Please send an email to hello@workhaus.com or call (416) 917-3392 and somebody from our team will be in touch with your shortly.

Can I film or take photos at Workhaus?

If you have a photography or filming requirement, please get in touch with us and tell us a little bit about your project, including what you’re looking to film and the proposed schedule. Please note that any photography or filming requirement is subject to privacy restrictions.

What is Workhaus doing to prevent the spread of COVID-19 in the workplace?

The health and safety of our members, staff, and guests is our top priority, which is why we have introduced numerous measures, including  increased cleaning and sanitization, and mask usage.

What is your COVID-19 vaccine policy?

We do not require any members or guests to be fully vaccinated at any Workhaus locations.

Do I need to wear a mask at Workhaus?

Masks are not required at any Workhaus location at this time. Members and guests are welcome to wear masks at their own discretion.

Are there additional cleaning and sanitation measures in place?

We have implemented numerous new cleaning and sanitation protocols across each and every location. These include frequent sanitizing of commonly touched surfaces, hand sanitizer stations located throughout the space and making sanitizing spray available to clean desks and workstations as needed.

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