Next Stop: A New Vision for Kitchener-Waterloo with ION Rapid Transit

Workhaus KW Offers Free Hot Desk and Dedicated Desk Membership Trial During ION LRT Launch It’s been 15 years. That’s how long Waterloo Region’s ION […]

What's Happening in The Haus?

Workhaus KW Offers Free Hot Desk and Dedicated Desk Membership Trial During ION LRT Launch

It’s been 15 years.

That’s how long Waterloo Region’s ION LRT has taken to go from a far-fetched idea to a community-defining transit system. And now, after years of public consultations, environmental assessments, frustrating road closures, never-ending construction, late train delivery, and months of testing, it has all lead to one day:Friday, June 21, 2019

Today’s the day that the ION LRT will take its first official passengers along the 36 KM, 22 stop route from Kitchener’s Fairview Park Mall to Waterloo’s Conestoga Mall. Today, Waterloo Region will change forever with a world class transit system built to rival that of any major, growing city in Canada. Friday is also the day when we celebrate the transformation of Kitchener-Waterloo — from a sprawling, low-rise community to an innovative, smart urban centre that carefully conserves farmland by growing up, rather than out.

While the system will always have its critics, there is no denying the benefits of the ION rapid transit system including:

Shaping Waterloo Region for the Future

Arguably the biggest and most important benefit, the ION LRT has already created billions of development along the LRT corridor. In fact, it’s one of the main reasons why we chose Downtown Kitchener for our first Ontario expansion outside of Toronto. Development spurred by the ION LRT, as well as the booming Waterloo-Toronto Innovation Corridor, will bring more people than ever before into Waterloo Region … and we’re here to support it and do our part!

Moving More People More Efficiently

With more people already coming to Waterloo Region due to the Waterloo-Toronto Innovation Corridor, the need to move them in a more efficient, comfortable, and convenient way comes up. The realignment of the existing Grand River Transit bus network, the upcoming King/Victoria Transit Hub and the anticipated introduction of Kitchener-Toronto Two-Way-All-Day-GO Trains are also part of a more efficient transit network for Waterloo Region.

Protecting the Environment

The new ION LRT trains can move more people and do so in an environmentally friendly way. These fully electric trains mean a reduction in per trip greenhouse gas emissions in the Region, resulting in better air quality. ION LRT also supports reurbanization and the efficient use of land, which will reduce Waterloo Region’s carbon emissions and promote active transportation

kitchener-waterloo-ion-rapid-transit-02Maintaining the Countryside and “Small Town” Feel

It’s no secret that one of the most charming aspects of Waterloo Region is that you can go from one of the most technologically connected areas in the world to a village of horses, buggies, and Mennonites in a matter of 15-20 minutes. ION LRT will help protect Waterloo Region’s countryside by promoting intensification in existing urban and downtown areas along the LRT route. This will help preserve the area’s agricultural lands, heritage, and cultural characteristics from urban sprawl.

The launch of ION LRT in Waterloo Region also means that it’s now easier than ever to explore Waterloo Region and to  get from point A to point B … including to Workhaus Market which is located  just steps from Kitchener Market Station! With ION, our members can get anywhere faster than ever before including:

  •        Fairview Park Mall
  •        Downtown Kitchener
  •        The Innovation District
  •        Midtown Kitchener
  •        Uptown Waterloo
  •        University of Waterloo
  •        Wilfrid Laurier University
  •        Research & Technology Park
  •        Conestoga Mall

… and thousands of incredible businesses, arts & cultural institutions and parks & recreational facilities that has made Waterloo Region one of the best place to live, work, and play in Canada.

Plus, as part of ION’s free service from June 21-July 1st, we’re inviting the community to try out a hot desk or dedicated desk membership for free! To start your free trial, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

We’ll see you on the rails soon, KW!