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It’s Only Thursday. Treat Yourself with Workhaus!

By August 8, 2019 No Comments

Let’s face it, work is tough. And because of that, we have to take advantage of the little things. It’s good to step away from the office for a little “me” time. At Workhaus, we believe in the simple pleasures of treating yourself. And what better way to show yourself that you care than with the simple pleasure of yummy goodness.

Whether in the PATH or on the busy city streets, we’re looking at the best tasty treats right around the corner from work…haus.

Butter Avenue
477 Queen St W, Toronto, ON
Closest Workhaus Location: Spadina, 215 Spadina Avenue


Photo Credit @butteravenue

Butter Avenue is a dessert gem in the city that started off with a bang. Opening their doors around the holiday season, Butter Avenue is known for their holiday special edition macaron boxes, as they’re practically sold out every year.

Check it out! Butter Avenue offers afternoon tea events.

Short & Sweet
111 Richmond Street W, Toronto, ON
Closest Workhaus Location: FiDi, 56 Temperance Street


Photo Credit @shortandsweetcupcakes

After years of working in the beauty industry, founder Orli Levy decided to use her keen eye for design and channel it into something a little sweeter.

Check it out! They’ve got a fully customizable menu.

Biscotteria Forno Cultura
Union Station, 65 Front Street W, Toronto, ON
Closest Workhaus Location: CCS, 30 Wellington Street W


Photo Credit Biscotteria Forno Cultura

Biscotteria Forno Cultura prides themselves in being a third generation of bakers that brings a true taste of Italy to the Toronto community.

Check it out! They currently have 5 locations around the city.

Nadège Patisserie
Richmond Adelaide Centre, 120 Adelaide Street W, Toronto, ON
Closest Workhaus Location: FiDi, 56 Temperance Street


Photo Credit Nadège Patisserie

This Toronto based shop first opened its doors in 2009 to the delight of dessert lovers and food enthusiasts alike. After its successful opening, owner and chef Nadège Nourian has worked with Michelin-starred restaurants to hone his craft.

Check it out! They sell custom gift boxes made for every occasion.

Milk Bar
190 University Avenue, Toronto ON
Closest Workhaus Location: Castle, 212 King Street W


Photo Credit @milkbar

Hailing from the streets of LA, New York and Las Vegas, Milk Bar is steps away from making your sweet tooth go wild.

Check it out! They’ve got classes that give you an inside look at their unique techniques to make their baked treats.

Bon Appetit Workhaus.