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New Year New You: Healthy Places to Eat Near Workhaus

By January 17, 2020 No Comments

Now that 2020 is in full swing, we’ve all got to follow through with those New Year resolutions we made. And, if we’re being honest, most of them were mainly to eat healthier, right? It’s a new year and a healthier you. It’s 2020 baby!

This is something that always comes into fruition after the Holidays, as we tend to spend most of our time indulging in our holiday cheer of food, food and more food. Well, Workhaus is putting our foot down! It’s time to get cracking on those new year, new you goals! Workhaus is looking at five of some healthier options that you can indulge in instead, and what’s best is that they’re right in the Workhaus neighbourhood. 

You’re welcome.

Garden Gangsters
Closest Workhaus Location: Commerce Court, 30 Wellington Street W.
Located in the Commerce Court PATH 


Photo Credit Garden Gangsters Facebook

Fuel your soul the right way with Garden Gangsters! Located right in the PATH of Commerce Court on your way to Union Station, Garden Gangsters is the go-to spot for all things organic. They’ve got smoothies, bowls, and avocado on avocado. 

“We believe in the hustle and we believe in balance. Self-improvement, the desire for growth, the hunger to make the world a better place” – Garden Gangsters

Check out their menu here!

Kupfert & Kim
Closest Workhaus Location: Loft on Bay, 350 Bay Street
Located in The PATH at First Canadian Place

healthy-places-to-eat-near-workhaus- Kupfert-and-Kim

Photo Credit Kupfert & Kim Instagram

Making most things in house, from sauces to pickles, Kupfert & Kim aim to make your experience a memorable one. They tend to look at any potential environmental impacts that ingredients may cause before adding it to their menu. It’s because of this process that they mainly select organic ingredients instead! 

“All our meals are designed to provide a balance of protein, carbs and fat, and the full array of vitamins and minerals.”  – Kupfert & Kim 

Check out their menu here!

Crave Healthy Habits
Closest Workhaus Location: Castle, 212 King Street W.
Located in the PATH at 145 King Street W.


Photo Credit Crave Healthy Habits Instagram

Filling in that empty void of comfort food, Crave Healthy Habits has you covered. With dishes inspired from Jamaica, Thailand, Mexico and more, this is the spot where your tastebuds can explore. 

“Inspired by our travels. We’re taking your lunch places where it’s never gone before” – Crave Healthy Habits

Check out their menu here!

Buna’s Kitchen
Closest Workhaus Location: Spadina, 215 Spadina Ave.
Located at 388 Richmond Street W.


Photo Credit Buna’s Kitchen Instagram

With recipes that have been passed down from Grandma Buna herself, this place provides the feeling of home cooked healthy food. Buna’s Kitchen adds an even more personal spin with specialized winter menus to get through these cold months. 

“The food and our warm hearts are sure to keep you comfy this winter”  – Buna’s Kitchen 

Check out their menu here!

Fast Fresh Foods
Closest Workhaus Location: Commerce Court, 30 Wellington Street W.
Located in the PATH at Commerce Court


Photo Credit Fast Fresh Foods Instagram

Dive into these custom salads, bowls and wraps. While some may shrug at having a salad for lunch, the sheer size of these will be enough for lunch and then some. Fast Fresh Foods prepares most items from scratch in the hopes that it will help customers feel good about what they eat.

“we use real ingredients that will help you eat healthier and feel better.” – Fast Fresh Foods

Check out their menu here!