Member Spotlight: Code Jays

Meet Code Jays, a team of Toronto web development experts specializing in tailored, custom-built business solutions.

Member Spotlight

Tell us, what does Code Jays do?

At CodeJays, our primary mission is to deliver superior software products by genuinely understanding and aligning with each of our clients’ unique needs. Many developers are skilled, but very few understand well. 

We do this by creating very short feedback loops, and take many small steps instead of large ones. This makes sure each step is what you need, and what the market needs. We understand larger projects make many assumptions, we built into our model to accept reasonable changes of scopes.

Our services include: Continuing on old projects where other developers abandoned, building new web/apps, ai development, maintenance, crypto development.

Our core languages for App/Web/Backend are JS (All types), and PHP.

Who is your ideal customer? What problem does your company help them solve?

Our ideal customers are small – medium sized companies that are growing and need help. A typical problem is subscription fees for many products cost too much or have feature limitations. We come in and build something where a full 100% return on investments has been seen in as short as 1 year for a project worth >200k. A return on investment as short as 1 month for smaller projects in a 1-5k range.

Sometimes, a customer sees the app they built as something the market doesn’t have, so we help transfer that custom product into a SaaS product that can be marketed. 

Our consultations are always free! 

Share something that you’re excited about (feature upgrades, new hires, a big deal landed, recent investments, etc.)!

We just built a Whatsapp chat bot powered by AI. Imagine just copying and pasting your business website and employee book into an AI, and it can answer questions, give quotes, send to a human when it thinks the question is too complicated. This is a big revolution for businesses that are run through Whatsapp.

Tell us about a challenge that your business faced and what steps you took to overcome it.

The greatest challenge is when payment agreements are not honoured on milestones. Some large projects last for a long time, and the client’s situation can change. We overcame these by keeping constant communication with the client, give benefit of doubt when applicable, and strict when applicable. This is solved on a case by case basis.

What attracted you to join Workhaus?

When we first visited 2 Sheppard Avenue East, it was a really nice space. The accessibility to other locations across the city was a big bonus for us too. We started working at 2 Sheppard Avenue East, moved to 350 Bay, and then to 56 Temperance!

Company: Code Jays

Workhaus Location: North York