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Member Spotlight

Member Spotlight: James Whiteside, Voiant Canada

By March 15, 2019 No Comments

Introducing James Whiteside, a business solutions analyst at Voiant Canada. As a recent graduate, James has quite the interesting background; let’s just say that staying put isn’t his forte, he definitely had a taste of the travel bug.

Upon graduation, James faced a big decision, to look for a job right away or take off for a month and travel Asia? Take a wild guess at where he landed.


Backpacking Asia: Picture this, a young fresh-faced James backpacking through Thailand, Taiwan, South Korea and Japan – this is of course after he spent a few months abroad in Paris for a co-op program. Did he learn any of the languages? The answer would be no, but he did have an out of body experience, stating that when he climbed a mountain in Taiwan almost made him starve so, you know…winning?

So what attracted him to Voiant Canada? After graduating from the University of Waterloo with an electrical engineering degree (no big deal or anything), James decided to use his knowledge to branch out into business analyst positions. So, how does a degree in electrical engineering connect to business solutions you ask? Good question. The answer is simple, logical problem solving and critical thinking. James is able to use his background knowledge to tackle tough questions and create solutions, which is what Voiant is all about.

And this is a skill that James uses outside of work, as he’s rumored to be one hell of a trivia player, to which he’ll gladly show all Workhausers at our jeopardy night next week.

Voiant; tackles sales performance management concerns. When companies have data miss management, Voiant steps in to organize the data and solve client concerns. Starting out as an American company, Voiant is small yet determined. They ask the right business questions to help identify and improve on issues.