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Member Spotlight

Member Spotlight: Stacy Vuong, Stafflink

By March 8, 2019 No Comments

All around the World people are celebrating International Women’s Day by sharing powerful stories about women that inspire them, and today we would like to share a story about who inspires us. Stafflink’s Senior IT Recruiter and Workhaus member, Stacy Vuong.

Stacy Vuong works with Stafflink, but that’s not where her story began. Stafflink initially popped up on her radar when one of their recruiters got her a job. Four years later she came back for more, realizing that Stafflink was where she wanted to call home. With a background in HR, this was a natural progression, as Stacy knew that the best way for her to grow was to dip her toes into the recruitment field.

So what attracted her to Stafflink specifically? Simple, it was the energy (and that they got her a job once upon a time). Now, this is a word that seems to come up with Stafflink a lot – the energy is everything. It made Stacy comfortable enough to ask questions and gave her to tools to look outside the box for answers.

Stafflink isn’t your typical company. Not only do they get to enjoy working from home on Thursdays, but they also have annual retreats. One year, staff spent their time enjoying some much-needed RnR with a Spa retreat. Another year, Stacy showed everyone how it was done on the slopes of Blue Mountain.

FUN FACT: It’s that energy that drew Stafflink to Workhaus – because here – culture comes first. FYI, our energy is also on point, and Stacy knows it too. She enjoys the sense of community Workhaus brings between her colleagues and the other businesses working around them.

Stafflink; an IT Staffing Agency that was founded in 2002 by Tim Collins. Working with clients throughout the GTA, Stafflink places people with companies from entry-level positions all the way up to executive roles.