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Member Spotlight: Alyssa Daniells, Flight Centre

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Alyssa Daniells has always been a writer through and through. With dreams of someday writing a book (or two!) Alyssa never imagined that she could turn her passion for writing into a career, but that’s just what she did, becoming the Content Creator at Flight Centre.


After celebrating her 7-year anniversary with the company, Alyssa looked back on her journey with Flight Centre, remembering a time when she worked as a freelance writer before being hired on as a full time editor. It took some time, but Alyssa managed to pull herself through the ranks to become Content Creator, leaving room for a little writing side hustle.

Alyssa Daniells the next J.K Rowling? When it comes to writing, Alyssa’s interest vary. As a mother, she finds herself being pulled into the world of children’s novels. Luckily for us, she’s got quite a few ideas brewing around her mind. But that’s not to say that’s all she’ll write. Alyssa’s also drawn towards more serious tones, hoping to create something more abstract and dripping with symbolism.

Either way, she really can’t go wrong.

WHY WORKHAUS? Being steps away from Union Station and the path is big selling point for Alyssa and her team. And while they haven’t been Workhausers for too long, Alyssa fondly remembers her first social when Flight Centre touched down and made their debut at our End of Summer Party. When talking about the social, Alyssa’s eyes lit up as she reminisced on the food truck fries and her veggie burger. As Alyssa affectionately calls herself a “Vegequarium” (like a pescetarian except with an adorable Alyssa spin to it) Alyssa stays clear of meat, but she was all over those fries.

Flight Centre; acts as Canada’s largest bricks-and-motor travel agency after opening its doors in 1995. Aiming to build good relationships within their community, Flight Centre is a welcomed addition to the Workhaus family.

Safe travels!