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Member Spotlight

Member Spotlight: Daisy Gao & Fran Harris, Canadian Men’s Health Foundation

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Today’s Member Spotlight is a two for one special, with both Daisy Gao and Fran Harris, from The Canadian Men’s Health Foundation, asking to share a spot in Workhaus’s hot seat.


The 411 on Daisy Gao: With a background in forensic accounting, how did Daisy wind up working for a non-profit? To answer that, we’d have to go back to before she moved to Canada. While living in China, Daisy spent 3 months in the Ukraine with a lovely family. Her eyes opened to the possibility of travel and an understanding of different cultures and social concerns.

With that in mind, when she came to Canada, Daisy switched career paths and went into education, as this was a field highly regarded and rewarded back in China. However, after volunteering with non-profits and her time working with an Immigration Consulting firm, Daisy moved into the social field and hasn’t looked back.

Daisy’s next trip? Brazil and Spain, but she really wants to head back to Negril.

Fran Harris’s path wasn’t a straight one: Much like Daisy, Fran had a mind changing experience with her travels. She lived in Russia in the 70s and China in the 90s before enjoying the sun in California and the views of Nova Scotia. Fran spent time in Cuba, traveled through Europe, South America and Thailand (where the food stole her heart!). But it was in Uganda where Fran had a magical moment. She lived with a family for 3 months and they introduced her to a world of experiences she never could have imagined. According to her, it’s something that can’t be taught, but must be experienced.

Fran works as a writer, using everything she’s learned to guide her words, but with her background, the sky’s the limit.

Fran’s favourite meal? Tom yum soup.

The Canadian Men’s Health Foundation; aims to inspire men to live healthier longer lives, arguing that chronic diseases may be preventable with an improved lifestyle. Opening its doors in 2014, The Canadian Men’s Health Foundation has a big mission ahead of them, but with a dedicated team here and in Vancouver, they’re up to the task.