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Kiley Bolton Spearheads Seneca Downtown With Workhaus

By February 20, 2020 No Comments

Introducing Kiley Bolton, the Director of the Centre for Graduate & Professional Studies with Seneca Downtown, located right inside our Haus. Seneca Downtown provides professional level programming that is accessible for working professionals.

Kiley has worked with Seneca for 13 years, and her journey has been one of self discovery. Prior to her role as Director, Kiley worked as the Associate Chair – School of English & Liberal Studies, where she was responsible for a large-scale curriculum change to first semester communications courses.


“The world of work is changing. There’s a lot of demand on people’s time and finances, so we’re trying to blur the lines between full time and part time studies in order to make it easier for working professionals to reskill and upskill.” 

Why Seneca? Kiley began working at Seneca as part of an applied research project. Her original plan was to attend grad school in psychology, but after spending 2 years working as a student success coordinator, she became drawn to the values and mandate of the college system; suddenly she was hooked.

Kiley took all she learned and channeled it into her career, realizing that her expertise lay with managing and motivating her team towards a common vision. She understood the value that relationship skills hold in business, and it’s these skills that help Kiley lead the Centre for Graduate & Professional Studies.

As Kiley went out to find a space that gave Seneca a presence in the downtown core, she decided on Workhaus due to our mutual values of “never cease to learn” and “the importance of building relationships in business”. Workhaus was the perfect place for Kiley to create a community of like-minded professionals for Seneca to grow.

Under Kiley’s leadership, she hopes that Seneca Downtown will be recognized as the first choice for working professionals looking to upgrade their skills. Exciting and in-demand programs such as Financial Technology and Cybersecurity & Threat Management graduate certificates are currently being offered at Seneca Downtown, along with many certification and professional development courses.

As workplaces evolve and employees are required to adapt, Seneca will continue to be innovative and flexible in their offerings, and in their relationship with Workhaus.

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