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How Did The Bachelor Create The Perfect Friendship And Team? Allow Workhaus To Answer

By August 15, 2019 No Comments

“Sometimes it seems like we’re all over the planet. But we’re not. Everything is thought out and arranged in great detail.”

Once upon a time, during the most dramatic night ever, Robin and Elaine found themselves at a Bachelor viewing party together. Elaine showed up with a single rose and candies for the “fantasy suite night”. Robin thought she was amazing…and perhaps slightly crazy. From there a beautiful friendship formed, turning into the perfect partnership; thus Robin+Elaine was founded.


Robin+Elaine work with companies within their community of Kitchener-Waterloo to make local brands turn global. After their faithful Bachelor night encounter, Robin and Elaine decided to team up almost 2 years ago when they threw a dance charity event. They brought Canadian made dance instructor Monica Gold to KW to host their event.

A huge part of the Robin+Elaine business model is to give back to the community, as they’re always looking for ways to keep KW top of mind. They created the Sweat Crawl (a pub crawl for fitness) to build the community. The idea was to travel from local fitness studios, to an intense boot camp in the park, and end in a yoga studio for some downward dog. The Sweat Crawl was the perfect event to bring the community together and to allow local businesses to become involved with the participants.

It’s all about the community. From outreach programs with local shops like Four All Ice Cream to creating an Instagram account for Otis, Kitchener-Waterloo’s local and beloved swan, the possibilities are endless for Robin+Elaine.

Before all of this took off, Elaine worked in marketing with social startups while Robin was a brand manager at Communitech, attached to companies like Walmart and The Bay. When they chose to work together, it was a slow process to build their client list and take opportunities to develop their brand. It was important for them to establish a healthy work relationship within each other before they would ask others to trust them. Afterall, being best friends and colleagues can come with its own set of rules.

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