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Workhaus Staff Spotlight: Introducing Jessica Bhola, Director of Growth

By June 7, 2019 No Comments

This week, we’re changing our Spotlight Posts up, and focusing on Workhaus staff for a change.

Please join us in welcoming our newest staff member to the Workhaus family, Jessica Bhola, our Director of Growth.

Coming from a Marketing Communications background, Jessica was used to working with bigger corporations. She spent years in the financial field with jobs at RBC and CIBC, just to name a few, and while she grew her career in many ways, Jessica decided to consider a different career path, leading her to take the plunge into the startup world.


Making a career change can be scary, but Jessica knew this would be good for her as she’s a naturally social person. Jessica prides herself on making new connections and building strong relationships, so it only makes sense that she’d be a perfect fit with us here at Workhaus.

While Jessica began in the telecommunications and financial industries, she’s no stranger to coworking. She spent years cultivating her craft with WeWork as the Events and Programming Manager, before finding a home with us at Workhaus. While the move was a big one, she knew it was the right choice for her career.

“Take a risk. If you don’t like where you are at, you have the decision to control your life.”

Jessica is beginning her journey with Workhaus at the perfect time, as we’ve been expanding faster and faster, with a total of 10 locations to date and more on the rise. She hopes to challenge people to take new risks and think of new ideas. You’ve got to push yourself if you ever expect anything to happen.

Things to know about Jessica: she’s a huge foodie, she’s always the first one to start dancing, and she’s got a serious case of the travel bug.

You can find Jessica tonight at our Raptors social!