Returning to the Office: We’re Ready When You Are

The world and our community have seen some trying times of late, but we still remain strong and ready to welcome members back when they’re […]

What's Happening in The Haus?

The world and our community have seen some trying times of late, but we still remain strong and ready to welcome members back when they’re ready. Over the last several months, we’ve adapted and used our down time in the most efficient way possible including optimizing our locations for increased comfort, security, productivity, and (most importantly) safety of everyone. 

Prior to re-opening, we released our “Return to the Office” COVID-19 guide, outlining the various changes implemented within our locations ranging from physical and design adjustments, new cleaning standards, new behavioural signage, and even a new booking feature that makes it possible for teams to reserve their individual desks within their office.  For members, we realize that seeing changes to the spaces you know and love can be a somewhat daunting task. With taped off workstations in common areas and dedicated desk areas, one-way corridor signage, and various social distancing stickers, you may think nothing will ever be the same. Rest assured that every change that we’ve implemented  – big or small – is for the sole purpose of protecting every community member now and into the future. One day, we hope to remove unnecessary restrictions and return our spaces to their former selves. But for now, we must do all we can to keep each other safe. 

The comfort of our community and the continued provision of an immaculate service is of paramount importance to Workhaus. This is why, beyond focusing on the physical space, we are also brainstorming on how we can continue to support our community while we are apart. We’ve done all of this to ensure that even with necessary health and safety updates, the quality of our spaces, community, and service does not falter.

One word you may have noticed us use numerous times in the past is “community.” From day one, nearly six years ago, it is something we have cultivated and strengthened through simple interactions, planned member socials, and all things focused on person-person engagement. Due to the fallout from the pandemic, the sense of community has been replaced by isolation. We’ve noticed the challenges that come with working in an online environment including static collaboration, broken communication, poor team cohesiveness, and the dreaded “Zoom overload”. Therefore, as more restrictions are lifted, the need for human to human connection in a safe yet inspiring space has never been more important. We miss the spark that happens when a new idea is born through spontaneous conversation or that ‘eureka’ moment that occurs when a team has all worked together in a space that facilitates optimal productivity. We know these moments are not gone forever, so this is why we’ve maintained our high-quality spaces to accommodate our amazing community. In fact, all we do is for you. 

Where there is a call for work, where there is a need for ideas to be generated, an ideal space will always be required; whether it be short term or long term. With our completely flexible terms, hospitality-based service, health and safety guidelines, and location updates, we’re here for you when you’re ready.

If you have any questions regarding our COVID-19 policies or would like to tour any of our locations, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.