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Adobe Launched Adobe Creative Cloud Plugin Accelerator

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The design world is a vast growing machine that’s showing no signs of slowing down. And the competition is fierce. As the demand and supply grow for designers, companies are tasked with creating new and more comprehensive experiences to entice their users. This is where Adobe comes in, they’ve got a game changer on the rise.

Typically focusing on creative and digital marketing software, Adobe has been making headlines the past few weeks with the launch of their Adobe Cloud Plugin Accelerator. This is an initiative that’s supported by Adobe’s Fund for Design, a platform launched in 2018 to provide designers with a more open relationship with Adobe. 


The Fund is designed to take the Adobe community and work alongside new partners to create a truly unique experience. For example, Adobe expanded Adobe XD by partnering up with Slack. This allowed users to easily share and preview files from their applications or Creative Cloud storage.

With that in mind, the Cloud Plugin Accelerator is the next logical step. Designers interested in building out their own plugins for Adobe XD now have the opportunity to do so. This program will provide them with access to Adobe’s HQ for three months to build out their system. While this provides access to Adobe essentials, such as products, it also opens the door the more options. Not only will you receive a $20K stipend to offset expenses, but you will also have access to Adobe engineering teams to help. And when you’re done? That IP you’ve created is all yours, Adobe takes no stake in it.  

This seriously opens the collaborative floor for Adobe and users alike. Whether or not your working as a team on big projects or as an individual looking to brainstorm with the engineers, Adobe hopes to focus on those ready to work.

For more information and to apply for the program, click here

With initiatives like this one, the door has opened for collaborative projects between the little guy and large corporations. Providing this program is a success, it will only be a matter of time until another comes along. What programs would you like to see? Share your ideas to @WorkhausLife to start the conversation.

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