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Privacy Settings Just Got a JUMBO Upgrade

By May 21, 2019 No Comments

Don’t you just hate when privacy settings change on you? Now you’re spending hours individually changing the settings on each picture you’ve posted or have been tagged in. And while this walk down memory lane can be fun, it can also outline some bad choices you’ve made. It would be nice to have something just do the work for you, am I right?

Something like Jumbo – one app to control all your privacy needs. This little engine that could will save you the hours spent by automatically adjusting your privacy settings on Facebook, deleting those questionable old tweets or even cleaning up your Instagram features.


Alexa, please un-send that search on Google.

So, how does Jumbo work exactly? It’s a simple premise really, using the Jumbo app, it will ask you to log into your social account using a mini-browser. Once you’re in, Jumbo will allow you to change your settings as either weak, medium or strong. For browsing history or chat threads, it simply deletes it.

Okay, so does this mean Jumbo has all my information now? This doesn’t seem to be the case, as the system is designed to pinpoint your data but never see it. Instead of being stored somewhere up in the clouds, the app uses your phone to process and delete information.

Unfortunately, the question is whether these big companies will allow Jumbo to continue to exist. Even with its expansion into iPhones, and with plans to move into Androids as well, Jumbo brings up a problem for the big guys: When the goal is to gather data on your consumer, what happens when you’re blocked from doing so? What happens when the consumers block themselves from you?

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