Workhaus Looks at The Top 5 Coffee Shops Brewing In The PATH

Slow your roll. I haven’t had my coffee yet! First rule of Workhaus is: Don’t talk to us without coffee. Second rule of Workhaus is: […]

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Slow your roll. I haven’t had my coffee yet!

First rule of Workhaus is: Don’t talk to us without coffee. Second rule of Workhaus is: Don’t talk to us without coffee! Seriously, did we stutter?

We all know how the work day can just drag on and on, and the only thing that can really help you get through it is a nice cup of coffee. Don’t worry, we get it. Luckily, many of our Toronto Workhaus locations are connected to the PATH, which just so happens to have an overwhelming amount of coffee options.

So how do you know which one to choose? There’s got to be something that makes the coffee shops in the PATH stand out from the rest. Let’s dive in shall we?

Pilot Coffee Roasters
First Canadian Place, 100 King Street W
Closest Workhaus Location: The Loft on Bay, 350 Bay Street


Photo Credit Pilot Coffee Roasters

For Pilot Coffee Roasters, it all starts with finding the perfect beans to grind their coffee. Now, these aren’t just any beans, they want the ones that tell the story of where they came from with every sip.

What makes them special? Grab a can of their specialty cold brew. Through a unique immersion process, Pilot Coffee Roaster is able to extract the sweetness of their coffee and filter it into a can. They preserve the flavour and add a rich creamy taste to top it off.

JJ Bean Coffee Roasters
Richmond Adelaide Centre, 130 Adelaide Street W
Closest Workhaus Location: FiDi, 56 Temperance Street


Photo Credit JJ Bean Coffee Roasters

A family owned business going back four years, JJ Bean Coffee Roasters first began in Vancouver with the hope of providing customers with the best tasting coffee they could brew.

What makes them special? Employees from Vancouver flew all the way down to open each location. When asked how long it took for them to master their JJ Bean craft, they answered simply to BlogTO, seven years.

Sam James Coffee Bar
First Canadian Place, 150 King Street W
Closest Workhaus Location: Castle, 212 King Street W


Photo Credit Sam James Coffee Bar

With the hustle and bustle of the PATH, it’s hard to imagine anyone stopping in at a coffee shop to enjoy the atmosphere and stay awhile. But that’s just what happens when you head to Sam James Coffee Bar. They manage to create a fun yet casual environment, welcoming anyone that wants to take a break from the office.

What makes them special? Sam James Coffee Bar serves their very own locally roasted Sam James Coffee, a staple drink in the PATH.

M Square Coffee Co.
The Sheraton Centre, 123 Queen Street W
Closest Workhaus Location: FiDi, 56 Temperance Street

top-5-coffee-shops-in-the-path- M-Square-Coffee-Co

Photo Credit M Square Coffee Co.

M Square Coffee Co. argues that their coffee is a work of art, and that their teams are masters at their craft. They pay special attention to the small details of what makes a good cup of coffee, arguing that “the grind, weight, temperature, speed of pouring and timing of the shot” are the keys to success.  

What makes them special? They have an oatmeal bar. Yep, oatmeal. After all, breakfast is the most important meal of the day.

Early Bird
Brookfield Place, 181 Bay Street
Closest Workhaus Location: CCS, 30 Wellington Street W

top-5-coffee-shops-in-the-path- Early-Bird

Photo Credit Early Bird

Expanding from their Queen street cafe, Early Bird lives up to it’s name for those morning commuters on their way to the office from Union Station.

What makes them special? Early Bird is a multi-roaster cafe that changes their batch coffee options every month.

What’s your go-to coffee spot in the PATH? Tweet to @WorkhausLife and let us know!