Workhaus Counts Down the Top 5 Most Unique Cocktail Bars Close By

Dinner, Drinks & Workhaus Let’s face it, work is tough. And sometimes, you just need some ‘me time’. Now, you’re not asking for much, just […]

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Dinner, Drinks & Workhaus

Let’s face it, work is tough. And sometimes, you just need some ‘me time’. Now, you’re not asking for much, just a little getaway from the office that’s close by. Somewhere you can put your feet up and take a load off.

Not to worry, Workhaus has you covered with a list on the top 5 most unique cocktails bars just steps away from our locations. It doesn’t get any better than that does it?

Before we get started, it’s important to help define what a cocktail bar actually is. Technically, it’s any area, whether it’s a restaurant, lounge or bar, that sells cocktails, signature wines, craft or local beers, as well as signature drinks.

That being said, let’s countdown the top 5 most cocktail bars that are walking distance from some of our Workhaus locations.

Boxcar Social
Location: 70 Temperance Street
Closest Workhaus Location: FiDi, 56 Temperance Street


Photo Credit TOCafes

Tucked away in a quiet little alley, Boxcar Social is a hidden gem of the financial district. Known for their unique style, this bar perfectly blends industrial designs with local art, as all of their furniture is custom built. They’ve got over one-hundred various blends of whiskey, local craft beer, and a constantly rotating list of wine.

Boxcar Social is the perfect place from morning until night, as they’re known for their curated coffee beverages and rich hot chocolates.

Louix Louix
Location: 325 Bay Street
Closest Workhaus Location: Loft on Bay, 350 Bay Street


Photo Credit LOUIX LOUIX Facebook

Sitting all the way at the top of St. Regis Hotel, LOUIX LOUIX brings fresh flavours with an old school twist. Enjoy a grand spectacle as this whisky based bar provides you with a stiff drink and space to indulge in.

Their bar is stacked to the brim as it takes up an entire 2 floor wall decked out with bottles on bottles. Seems like we’re just about ready for happy hour, no?

Drake Mini Bar
Location: 150 York Street
Closest Workhaus Location: Castle, 212 King Street West


Photo Credit Drake Mini Bar Facebook

Right across the hall from the Drake One Fifty restaurant, in the lobby of the Medcan building, is a little bar that will transport you to an island paradise. This pint sized pit stop is loaded with all things boozy as it’s stocked with a serious menu of cocktails, electric wine and craft beer. Each meal is made to match perfectly with one of their signature cocktails.

The Cloak Bar 
Location: 488 Wellington Street West
Closest Workhaus Location: 215 Spadina Avenue West


Photo Credit The Cloak Bar Facebook

This speakeasy is tucked away behind a curtain, and can only be accessed through a stairwell in Marben’s kitchen. Careful now, this place will suck you in with its mysterious design and carefully constructed drinks. While they offer a variety of beers and wines, it’s the cocktails that they’re most known for, as they have flavours from all around the globe that will peak the senses.

The Roof at SOCO 
Location: 75 Lower Simcoe Street
Closest Workhaus Location: Castle, 212 King Street West


Photo Credit The Roof at SOCO Instagram

This rooftop patio is a hot commodity as it’s only open May through October. Unwind with views of the city while sipping on seasonal cocktails and specialty frozen drinks after work. Nestle into their plush couches and picture perfect firepits with a live D.J. to set the mood.

Ready for a drink? We’ll see you there!

Got any top 5 ideas? We’d love to hear from you. Tweet to @WorkhausLife to share your ideas.