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Rainforest Alberta Hosted Lunch Without Lunch in The Core

By June 13, 2019 No Comments

Workhaus Core, our Haus located in the heart of downtown Calgary, engaged in a very successful “Lunch Without Lunch” with Rainforest Alberta last night.

Rainforest Alberta is making space for the tech industry in Alberta. They’re opening the conversation surrounding culture and leadership in the province, answering the question, “Why bother building a tech industry in Alberta?”. Honestly, why the hell not?

The halls of Workhaus were filled as over 80 attendees gathered to celebrate tech and the growing entrepreneurship and innovation community in Calgary.

They discussed the importance that trust plays in building the ecosystem, and how that authenticity will help strengthen relationships, allowing the community to flourish.

First and foremost, this was an event of networking, an event of information and an event of discussion. Rainforest Alberta aimed to bring Calgary’s innovation ecosystem to the forefront, with an informal environment for passionate individuals to collide into each other to get the creative juices flowing.

Workhaus had a great time working with Rainforest Alberta, and we can’t wait for the next event.

Visit RainforestAlberta.ca to find out more