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Seneca Downtown Has Found Its Home In Our Haus

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Seneca has opened its doors in the core of Toronto’s financial district, and right in the heart of Workhaus at 30 Wellington Street West

Seneca Downtown is a new location that provides professional level programming under Seneca College’s Centre for Graduate & Professional Studies. Teaming up with Workhaus has allowed Seneca Downtown to reinforce their leadership in these programs as it demonstrates their commitment to flexible and accessible programming.


Workhaus has been working closely with Kiley Bolton, Director of the Centre for Graduate & Professional Studies, who has outlined the importance of having a downtown core presence. 

“Seneca has a wide range of program choices for postsecondary graduates and also working professionals. The Centre for Graduate & Professional Studies brings it all together under one umbrella, so you can easily identify what best suits your needs. It reinforces Seneca’s leadership position in graduate programming. Plus, Seneca Downtown adds a new dimension to what we can offer students from the perspective of flexibility and access”

Workhaus and Seneca choose each other for their shared values. After all, one of Workhaus’s values is “Never cease to learn.”  

Workhaus is Canadian-made coworking, so it was important for us to team up with a Canadian company.” says Adrian Joaquin, CEO and Founding Partner of Workhaus. Luckily, Seneca felt the same. They were impressed with our community and our interest in creating a lasting relationship between two Canadian powerhauses.

Fall Classes are already in full swing, with offerings including cybersecurity, privacy management and identity theft, business analysis for Fintech, blockchain and cryptocurrencies, anti-money laundering, stock market investing. 

To further support working professionals, they are also offering certification prep courses such as the Certified Information Systems Security Professional exam preparation course. There will also be professional development workshops such as our Artificial Intelligence Training for Leaders. 

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