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A Life at Workhaus With Flight Centre

By July 3, 2019 No Comments

The halls of our Castle location echoed in cheer as we said goodbye to long time members, Flight Centre. They had a wild ride working with us, as they took up every single Dedicated Desk we had available on location. Initially, Flight Centre was meant to stay for a little while as their new office was being prepared, but the days turned into weeks and weeks turned into months, until eventually they were with us for a year.

On their last day, every single member working out of Castle got together in the lounge for snacks, beer and champagne to say goodbye. Flight Centre sure knows how to bring in a crowd – booze.

We thought it would be interesting to look back on their time as Workhaus members and reflect on what it was that made Flight Centre keep coming back for more.

What made their team choose Workhaus? Aside from the price being extremely accessible (especially for the location), it was common knowledge that the team enjoyed having access to natural light. All of the Dedicated Desks are nestled in right next to spacious, open windows. Flight Centre staff recalled a time when they weren’t so lucky.

Another selling feature? Our summer social at the marina, specifically the food truck. That really seemed to stick out in their minds.

Location, Location, Location; Being across the street from David Pecaut Square is a factor as well. With the pop up Farmers Market every Thursday, Flight Centre could be found lining up outside for some BBQ or ice cream. To be honest, the food was something they always liked to talk about, whether it was a new pasta bar down the street or cool spots to see in The PATH.

Day socials were always better with Flight Centre there leading the charge. You better believe if there was a Lunch & Learn or Bagels and Mimosas, they were there rallying the troops to participate.

But let’s be realistic here, the real reason Flight Centre didn’t want to say goodbye to Workhaus was yours truly! The relationship between our CM’s and members is what makes each location truly special.

Thanks for the memories guys. Now spread your wings and soar.