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Workhaus Attends and Sponsors Startup Calgary’s Launch Party

By November 15, 2019 No Comments

This week, Workhaus had the pleasure of hosting a table at Startup Calgary’s Launch Party on Tuesday. 

The event showcased Calgary’s most innovative startups that looked to engage with their community and share their talent. So, naturally, Workhaus was right in the middle of all the excitement.

This year, the Launch party had over 1,200 RSVPs, making it the largest event in Calgary’s startup ecosystem thus far. 

During the event, we had one of our Workhaus members that was featured, the company Rooco! Their application became one of the first online ticket sharing platforms. Rooco acts as a mediator for their clients, whether it’s in the assistance of buying a house, or paying a ticket, Rooco has you covered. Their platform ensures clients a minimum of saving 10 – 15% on each ticket. 

Startup Calgary began as your go-to tour guide for all things entrepreneurial in Calgary. They use their platform to point startups in the right direction, understanding that it’s all about the hustle. They will be offering programs and events, similar to their Launch Party, continuing through the month. 

We’re looking forward to attending as many events as we can!