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Workhaus Attends TechTO

By August 13, 2019 No Comments

Last night the team from Workhaus was at RBC Waterpark Place for the August edition of TechTO.

As usual, the event was a packed house with a great opportunity for meeting folks and networking before the presentation part of the evening.  Sporting our Workhaus t-shirts, many people flagged-down members of our team to ask about Workhaus and coworking in general.

TechTO co-founder, Jason Goldlist was his usual magnanimous self, kicking-off the presentations from his hover board.  His mission is to grow and diversify the Canadian tech ecosystem through events to spread the word.


“TechToronto is a non-partisan advocate on behalf of the tech community, a tireless champion of local entrepreneurs and their companies.”

Workhaus stole the Community announcements part of the presentations, getting the crowd to chant “Work” “Haus”. The night continued with some great presentations hosted by Alex Norman, on some lessons-learned from key founders at Plum and Lane.  Hearing about VC valuations and the importance of hiring strong staff to scale culture, was a great finish to solid Monday night with the Toronto tech community.

Make sure to get tickets to the September 16th event, where Workhaus founder, Adrian Joaquin will be one of the featured speakers!

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