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Workhaus Field Trip To Balmy Beach

By July 23, 2019 No Comments

Workhaus went to the beach this weekend in search of some much needed RnR. We naturally picked the hottest day with a side of humidity and grey clouds for our day of fun. As one does.

Meeting at our Commerce Court location for 9am on Saturday, July 20th, Workhaus staff and a few select members did a lil’ rallying to start the morning off right before heading to the beach to enjoy the sun.

We took part in the Balmy Beach Rugby Volleyball Tournament with only one goal in mind – to win!

The event is a fundraiser for amateur rugby at the Balmy Beach Club supporting players with provincial and national team aspirations. Workhaus was honoured to become part of such a special occasion.

We arrived bright and early before the tournament began, allowing us to partake in a quick brunch stop (self care is so important!) before a wee bit of stretching to prepare for the games.

workhaus-beach-day-at-balmy-beach-05Workhaus took part in 2 games during the tournament. While we absolutely dominated the first game (hold the applause please), the odds weren’t in our favour for the second, resulting in us to bow out gracefully with our heads held high.

Workhaus was easily noticeable by our team name Festival Bros, bro. and matching blue shirts.

We spent the rest of the day playing a few friendly games between each other. The heat didn’t get us down.

Where should our next Workhaus outing take place?