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GenYYC Leadership Workshop Took Place in Workhaus Core This Week

By June 14, 2019 No Comments

GenYYC is a program designed and built in Calgary between the Calgary Chamber of Commerce and Calgary Economic Development. This program allows innovators to create out of the box solutions that will impact how the Calgary community work, live and play.

As their goal is to address these issues that our society is experiencing, it goes without saying that Workhaus wanted to get involved.

Bringing together some of the best and brightest young professionals in Calgary, the group had a working session on how power and wealth are distributed in society. 

This lead to some in-depth and meaningful discussions on how that applies in life, and at a micro-level, what that means for Calgary and the direction the city is taking with its policies.

Our space was the perfect environment for these discussions. Our open concept design helped to bring everyone’s opinions to light. No one was overlooked or even talked over. Every opinion was valued and discussed.

GenYYC subscribes to a ‘fail forward’ mentality and encourage participants to bring their own ideas and perspectives to the conversation.

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