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Workhaus Calgary Hosted Product Hunt YYC Meetup This Week

By May 31, 2019 No Comments

Last night at Workhaus Core, we were fortunate to host the second edition of the reborn Product Hunt YYC!

Product Hunt is a website that helps curate the best in new tech & innovation. Since its inception in 2013, there have been local chapters springing up globally, where members of local tech communities have been able to demo their products and ideas in order to solicit feedback and suggestions on how to improve or even pivot on their products.

Thursday’s event, while intimate, was no different as we two members step up and demo their products.


First up was Dinesh Avandi from Dialog Loop. His app is looking to solve a very real set of pain points for both conference presenters and attendees. Digital Loop enables attendees to have copies of presenter’s slides on their smartphones, while being able to interact with both the presenter, as well as other attendees. From real-time file sharing and polling, to instant messaging and social posting – Dialog Loop is posed to be a great add to the conference industry.

Randy Quansah from Kujo Kids Zone came to the group with a pitch for a new kids television series that he hopes to get produced. Not tech you say? Quite the contrary – Randy’s focus is adding more STEM content in a show that targets 2 – 6 year olds. According to Randy, more and more research is suggesting that the younger age groups are being underestimated in their ability to both assimilate and comprehend more complex concepts. Through the medium of snackable content, Randy’s show Kujo Kids hopes to impart more curiosity in younger children to explore areas related to math, sciences and technology.

Calgary has become quite the hub for tech industries, and we’re honoured that Workhaus is a part of the booming community. 

Visit Product Hunt to see when their next meetup will take place.