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What's Happening in The Haus?

Workhaus CEO Adrian Joaquin is ‘not a real estate type of guy’

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“We consider ourselves a hospitality company”

Workhaus took over the airwaves in Kitchener-Waterloo this week on 570 News during Kitchener Today with Brian Bourke. Workhaus Founder and CEO Adrian Joaquin sat down with Brian to discuss the benefits of coworking and how Workhaus is more than just real estate and the amenities that come with it.


At our core, Workhaus is a space to build a community. We encourage our members to collaborate, to be productive, and to grow their businesses.

Workhaus is a space that provides shared experiences among our members. Everything we do is in regards to building the community first, whether it’s with our events or through our team, because at the end of the day we are a hospitality company.

Born and bred in Canada, Workhaus opened its doors in Kitchener-Waterloo earlier this year, making Mike question why KW.

KW is silicon valley north.” Not only has the tech market seen incredible expansion in KW, but Workhaus had a lot of demand from our members to open a location. Members wanted us to have a presence here and they wanted that presence to be represented by Workhaus.

Before ever opening a new location, Adrian likes to put himself in the shoes of members. He questions what the neighbourhood is like and what members will get, not just out of the space, but of the surrounding area as well.

“Is this the future of working?”

Yes. It’s as simple as that. Coworking allows small companies to expand, and fortune 500 companies to branch out into a new network they would otherwise miss out on. The future is not. This is not happening in the future, it’s happening right now.

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