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Workhaus Social Recap: Easter Egg Scavenger Hunt

By April 17, 2019 No Comments

“Our Easter egg scavenger Hunt was an

egg-cellent time!”

Last night, Workhaus put on an Easter egg hunt full of candy, tricks and riddles. The gist? Members were split up into groups of two to search the entire floor of Commerce Court in order to find their eggs.

Inside each egg was a riddle that would lead them to their next egg, and then to the next, and so on. The end resulted in each team using their riddles to hunt for the grand prize.

Community Projects Manager, Justine created the groups and then sat back as chaos ensued. Watching as new and old members alike ran off like chickens with their heads cut off to unmask each riddle. To say people got a little competitive is an understatement.

Special shout-out to the Together IP team as the entire office came out to show their support!

The winning team was awarded enough chocolate to last a lifetime, with bags of mini eggs and chocolate bunnies. Not impressed yet? Here’s the cherry on top, some of the bunnies were filled with caramel, some with milk chocolate, and some with rice crispers.

Mind. Blown.

Looking ahead; Keep in mind that Friday is a holiday. Enjoy your long weekend and we’ll see you Monday!