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Workhaus Social Recap: Jeopardy

By March 22, 2019 No Comments

Picture this: The lights are dim, your cup is full of wine and you’ve got snacks at the ready. Your team is just one point away from taking the prize. The categories are shining down on you from the blue screen above; you’ll take Sports & Travel for 400.


Any idea on what last nights’ social was all about? BUZZ! What is Jeopardy.

Here’s what you missed. Last night, Workhaus switched things up by having our social located at Sky Parlour to host our Jeopardy night. While the drinks were still pouring and the snacks were obviously flowing, this night was a little different from our typical socials.

The moment members walked in, they were divided into teams of two to ensure that friends wouldn’t necessarily be sitting with each other. Let the good ol’ friendly rivalry begin.

While it was a close call, two winners walked away that night while the rest were left to plot their revenge for the next jeopardy social.

Who knew trivia could get so intense?

Looking ahead; Workhaus is putting on Vinyl night next week. We’re going to slow things down to the beat of our records. Time to dig into your closet and bring out all the hits. Personally, hoping someone brings Fleetwood Mac tbh.