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Workhaus Celebrates The Opening of Our Kitchener – Waterloo Location

By May 10, 2019 No Comments

Last night, Workhaus took a road trip down to Kitchener – Waterloo for the opening of our new location The Market! Located at 290 King Street E, this location is our biggest yet, taking up an entirely renovated 2-story building to call our own.

Members and Workhaus staff alike, piled into a bright yellow school bus to begin our journey. You heard us. Bright yellow. Picture this, a group of entrepreneurs and adults climbing into a school bus for the road trip to end all road trips. We played games, drank a couple beers and ate snacks. Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

Our Market location is run by Kitchener native and Workhaus royalty Adam. His journey began with Workhaus many moons ago when he first moved to Toronto and worked as a member. Now, years later, he’s running this location from the ground up as Kitchener acts as a hub of innovation and startup culture.

“The stand-alone 10K sq. ft. space boasts beautiful rustic brick accents, contemporary glass office walls, high ceilings, and rays of natural light.”

Workhaus Founder Adrian Joaquin took a few minutes to express his joy and excitement on expanding into Kitchener. Hoping to create our very own Workhaus community here as we have done in Toronto. Aiming to mix together what makes Workhaus unique with what makes Kitchener special in order to create something even better.

workhaus-community-event-kitchener-waterloo-opening-03The mayor of Kitchener, Berry Vrbanovic joined our event with a speech of his own, commenting on the unique name our company has and it’s meaning to the city of Kitchener. Here’s a little history lesson for you, Kitchener was originally called Berlin until May of 1916. Back in the 1820s, Kitchener had a large flux of German immigrants move in, bringing with them their culture and language. Fun fact, Kitchener hosts one of the largest Oktoberfest second only to the one in Germany. So when word came out that a coworking space was opening outside of the downtown core in Kitchener, and that it’s name was Workhaus well, you can imagine the excitement, as the word workhaus is a combination of English and German words.

Mayor Berry Vrbanovic also awarded Workhaus with a certificate from the city to commemorate our arrival. Workhaus is so grateful by the warm welcome we’ve received from Kitchener, and are excited on what the future holds with this amazing city.