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Workhaus Hosts Lighthouse Labs Demo Day

By October 18, 2019 No Comments

Workhaus Core in Calgary was proud to host Lighthouse Labs and their Demo Day for their students in our Haus. 

Lighthouse Labs is a coding academy, which runs 12-week intensive coding bootcamps. Many of their students have been retraining themselves to move into new careers in Technology. 

The students presented a variety of different Apps that they had created, in front of potential employers as well as family and friends. The Apps ranged from a flight-booking app, all the way to a Pirate Battleship game. Some pretty impressive feats, considering almost all of the students hadn’t touched code prior to starting the program only three months earlier. 

With fresh craft beer provided by Common Crown Brewery, the event was a wonderful success for the students, faculty and the  overall Tech Community here in Calgary.

We look forward to hosting the next class!