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Workhaus Member Max Jamali Presents: Blue Fantasy, An Art Exhibit

By June 3, 2019 No Comments

“Art is all about perspective”

Friday night, longtime Workhaus member and artist Max Jamali transported us into his blue fantasy. Debuting his collection of pieces at the Thompson Hotel, this exhibit blended together Max’s pieces alongside works from contemporary abstract artist, Peter Triantos.

Max is an award winning fashion photographer and creative director. His works can be found in Toronto, L.A, Paris, New York and Dubai (just to name a few). 

Max creates unique pieces that fuse luxury and fashion together with exotic textures and vibrant colours. It’s what makes his work so sought after and so exclusive.

He’s kind of a big deal. But here, at Workhaus, he’s simply our friend. And we couldn’t have been more proud or honoured to be at his show.

Blue Fantasy took over the rooftop at the Thompson Hotel where guests were treated to Max and Peter’s works as they were out for display. The bar was fully stocked, the DJ was spinning, and the guests were overflowing.

Max’s collection tempted everyone as we got to see diamond studded pieces of Naomi Campbell and Madonna. What can we say? We’re all just living in a material world.

Visit for more inspiring works.

Photo Credit Max Jamali