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What's Happening in The Haus?

Workhaus “Elevated” Our Spadina Lounge

By September 27, 2019 No Comments

Workhaus opened it’s doors at our Spadina location last night to host our very own open Haus with Elevate, one of the world’s fastest growing tech festivals that’s being held in Toronto.

We decided to bring the Elevate community into our space as the perfect introduction to our community of members, coworking as a whole, and the Workhaus model of Canadian community first.

Our Workhaus members were given the opportunity to set up a booth as an introduction to their business, their products and their team. It was the perfect environment to network with like minded entrepreneurs working within similar fields.

Our goal was to engage with the community and to create our own little Workhaus hub. According to our Director of Growth, Jessica Bhola:

“We’re bringing together the Workhaus brand with tech leaders. We want our space to be a hub of networking. A space for leaders to shape their business while this surrounded the Elevate King West activations.”

So, which of our Members set up booths?



Photo Credit MealPal

Workhaus Location: Commerce Court, 30 Wellington Street W.

What is MealPal: Get lunch from some of the best restaurants in the city with the MealPal app. This works as a monthly lunch subscription service that gives you discounted rates on meals and allows you to skip the line during those rush hour lunch runs.

Choose Shift


Photo Credit Choose Shift

Workhaus Location: 20 Richmond Street E.

What is Choose Shift: Building corporate culture in the office by focuses on key ingredients such as interaction and trust within the workplace. They believe that companies with great culture, perform better than those without.

Phyxter AI


Photo credit Phyxter

Workhaus Location: 30 Wellington Street W.

What is Phyxter AI: Luckily, we had our very own one on with Phyxter co-founder & CEO Jake Gibson regarding how the Phyxter app has created a growing community of HVAC suppliers, plumbing suppliers and electrical suppliers.

Atlys Networks


Photo Credit Atlys

Workhaus Location: 20 Richmond Street E.

What is Atlys: Atlys is creating a platform to store data privately and securely, rather than to simply delete it. Their platform, essentially organizes personal data. Want to learn more, check out their spotlight here.

ACV Auctions


Photo Credit ACV Auctions

Workhaus Location: 20 Richmond Street E.

What is ACV Auctions: Looks like the third times the charm here, as ACV Auctions also took the hot seat earlier this week with Workhaus, outlining their trajectory on becoming one of the most trusted market for wholesale vehicles.


Photo Credit

Workhaus Location: 350 Bay Street

What is Listed as one of the machine learning startups to watch out for in 2019 by Forbes, are the ones to keep your eye on. They are a Toronto-based company that leads in cloud-based AI solutions, specifically in the financial service industries.



Photo Credit Cognixion

Workhaus Location: 20 Richmond Street E.

What is Cognixion: To be honest, they say it best “Cognixion is a team of visionary technologists, researchers and designers focused on creating products that accelerate and enrich human communication and physical capabilities.”

KOMAND Consulting


Photo Credit KOMAND Consulting

Workhaus Location: 30 Wellington Street W.

What is KOMAND Consulting: “Acts as a leader in data driven strategic planning, KOMAND Consulting will help your organization make high-impact strategic decisions.They will provide you with a clear road map to outperform the competition and increase enterprise value.”



Photo Credit Clausehound

Workhaus Location: 20 Richmond Street E.

What is Clausehound: A growing network to discuss the “fundamentals of legal drafting, contract management and deal negotiation.” Clausehound is bridging the gap between technology and the law.



Photo Credit Coursera

Workhaus Location: 215 Spadina Avenue

What is Coursera: Coursera aims to create a world where anyone, anywhere, anytime has access to their learning experience. They offer classes taught by top instructions world-wide from renowned universities and businesses.

IE University


Photo Credit IE University

Workhaus Location: 1 Adelaide Street E.

What is IE University: In this day and age, students need to be prepared to face the world today. And that’s where IE steps in. They provide an innovative educational experience for students, providing them with relevant knowledge and skills to help build success.



Photo Credit mobilityView

Workhaus Location: 30 Wellington Street W.

What is mobilityView: Business depends on your mobile devices. It’s thanks to your smartphones and tablets that business is generating profits, and mobilityView realizes that. They look into real-time data to connect your business in ways you never thought possible.



Photo Credit Nference

Workhaus Location: 212 King Street W.

What is Nference: Let’s face it, we’re not all biomedical engineers, but it would be helpful to have an understanding of the language surrounding healthcare. That’s where Nference steps in, bridging the gap on how we read and process information surrounding biomedical literature.

Creative Emergy


Photo Credit Creative Emergy

Workhaus Location: 212 King Street W.

What is Creative Emergy: A boutique consulting firm that specializes in helping digital teams “strategize and deliver delightful business solutions” through their digitization strategies.