Workhaus Hosts The Collective Women’s Entrepreneur Event

“An experiential share of your current business challenge.” Seven years ago, Libby Wildman was sitting at her dining room table with a group of mothers, […]

What's Happening in The Haus?

“An experiential share of your current business challenge.

Seven years ago, Libby Wildman was sitting at her dining room table with a group of mothers, a group of entrepreneurs and a group of women. 

They got together to discuss issues they were having in the work space that they felt no one else could understand or relate to. Being nestled around Libby’s table was the perfect place to come together and relate with one another. If only this was something that happened more frequently. If only they had a space to do this with more people.

And suddenly, just like that, The Collective was born.

The Collective is a community of female entrepreneurs that are driven by their desire to make positive changes in their careers. Libby created an environment for women to come together in an open space and express ideas and concerns as entrepreneurs. This allows guests to take part in table discussions, and to learn and connect with other like minded individuals.   

The Collective occurs three times a year as an invite only event. Libby personally goes through and meets each woman invited to get a better understanding of their concerns and who they are as entrepreneurs. After her meet up, Libby creates a seating chart for the event, placing women together that she thinks will get along, or who have similar concerns to get the conversation going.

“Planning events is a very time consuming and very personal experience. Think of it as planning a wedding. There’s a lot that goes into making my guests happy.”

Last week, Libby brought The Collective to our Haus. Workhaus was honoured to take part in the Women’s Entrepreneur Event as it provided us with a chance to expand our Community through The Collective’s Round Table discussions.

Lorrie Anne is one of the women that took part in the discussion. She’s a portrait photographer, psychic and life coach. One of her main concerns was to address how being stuck in your personal life directly influences your professional one.

Others helped contribute to the event by giving away free samples of their products. We had organic local beverage Roar Organic and Rawcology, an organic granola bar, just to name a few.

Sad you missed out? Don’t worry, there’s another session scheduled for the fall. Visit TheCollective for more information.

Photography Courtesy of The Collective