Workhaus Looks At The Best Movember Tips & Tricks

Movember lets the world know what type of moustache you are capable of growing. Can you go full Tom Selleck? Maybe you can rock the […]

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Movember lets the world know what type of moustache you are capable of growing. Can you go full Tom Selleck? Maybe you can rock the Hulk Hogan handlebars. 

The types of moustaches are endless. However, there are some moustaches that leave much to be desired. I know this because for a large portion of my adult life I was one of those people. I was left embarrassed as my friends grew luscious moustaches while I had to point out where mine was. Luckily, I do not have that problem anymore, but I am here to give people tips on how to make their moustache bigger, better and more luscious (or at least appear this way). 

Please Note* All moustaches are created equal and if you are fine with the way yours is then perfect all the power to you and you’re a better man than I.

1. Patience Patience Patience

You won’t have glorious results after one week, maybe not even after two weeks but you have to power through these stages because the longer you wait the fuller it will look. I promise that with some patience mixed in with the rest of the tips you will be satisfied.

2. Do I Dare Trim?

If you think that things are getting a little messy you may be tempted to trim. Don’t, save that for the end result as you need as much growth as you can get. Your other facial hair though? By all means, trim that. Much like a haircut if you have shorter hair around the moustaches it will make it appear more full in comparison.

3. Products are Your Best Friends

There exists a whole world of facial hair products that you may not even be aware of because you never even thought of them. Beard oils and waxes can be a life saver for promoting growth in hair follicles, especially when you use them right after a shower as your pores are more open. We love products from Northern Standard Trading Post ourselves. 

These next two are my dirty little secrets for when I was really struggling to grow my moustache. I have never admitted to these publicly before…

4. Just For Men

It is not just for the hair on the top of your head, they make it for facial hair as well. The key to this, much like dying your hair is not bringing attention to it. Walk into work the next day as you have always had this moustache that is darker than your hair. Own it, Just for Men allows you to be the man you knew you could always be

5. Mascara

I’m not proud of this one, it was a darker moment in my life but I was in Gr.12 and desperate for a full moustache. What you need to do is go to your wife, girlfriend, mom, sister or anyone who may have mascara and ask them for it. Yes, mascara is the secret trick. It instantly fills up gaps and patches while making it look more volumes at the same time. It is perfect and discreet, and even works on blonde hair…well, at least that is what people told me. 

At the end of the day, Movember is all about raising funds and awareness and the moustache is a fun way to do this! However, you grow your Mo is a huge step for helping other men but we know sometimes you want a little bit more and I hope these tips help you out.