Workhaus Member Cody Dillabough Is Transforming How You Travel

“Avoy is a travel inspiration app to discover the world’s best hidden holiday destinations.” Why did founder and CEO Cody Dillabough create the company Avoy? […]

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“Avoy is a travel inspiration app to discover the world’s best hidden holiday destinations.”

Why did founder and CEO Cody Dillabough create the company Avoy? The answer? Personal dissatisfaction with the tools we’re provided to plan trips. Well, guess you can’t beat that. When it comes to travelling, Cody doesn’t want just any run of the mill destination. He’s interested in locations that are off the beaten path. He’s looking for a place he can lose himself in and truly experience new cultures & customs. Thus, Avoy was created.

Cody always found it annoying that in order to find unique places to go, he would spend hours on end researching places. Wouldn’t it be easier if there was simply a tool that could simplify the process for you? Instead of waiting around for a recommendation via word of mouth, an application could help you quickly find that perfect destination for your next holiday.

And in just a few weeks, they will be launching a mobile app that can collect your traveller profile to make valid and insightful suggestions for your next big trip. The traveller will have the option to select what type of traveller they are, whether they’re interested in shopping, laying on the beach, exploring the history of the country, or a combination of the aforementioned. From there, it will plug your information into an algorithm that will showcase unique destinations that fit your travel profile.

But how does Avoy find these locations? Not only do they utilize expert data sources and user generated content, but they also discover these hidden gems by physically going to them. That’s right, Cody is a world-class traveller, and he does it all for work. He’s been to the bigger cities like Lisbon, Portugal for 

conferences, and the smaller niche spots like Jardin, Columbia. And what’s next? He’ll be jetting off to Andalusia, Spain for a full month for some much needed RnR – research and real estate. What, you thought we meant the other RnR?

You have to build for users. It can’t be an art project, this is a business. It has to provide value to real people and have a reason to be there.” 

Avoy is a quick, in your pocket tool. A global network that can be accessed with the touch of your fingertips. It even takes it a step further – once you’ve selected your destination, Avoy will provide you with deals on flights and suggest interesting events that are happening in the city. 

While Cody’s journey sounds glamorous, it did not come out of nothing. He knew that if he was ever going to make Avoy a reality, he was just going to have to pull the trigger, so to speak. And while this is something that is easier said than done, the minute he knew what he wanted to create, there was no turning back. 

The most important lesson Cody learned from the early days of Avoy is to make things simple. We have a natural tendency to overcomplicate ideas, but Cody argues that keeping things simplistic and allowing yourself to be vulnerable is the only way you can move your business forward. And this is something that he feels is true, whether you are the CEO of a startup or working in one. 

Bon voyage Cody! 

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