Workhaus Shares Our Best Memories of 2019 As We Move Forward Into 2020

2019 was a massive growing year for Workhaus. Not only have we almost doubled our Haus family, but we’ve doubled in size as well! With […]

What's Happening in The Haus?

workhaus-shares-best-memories-of-20192019 was a massive growing year for Workhaus. Not only have we almost doubled our Haus family, but we’ve doubled in size as well! With over 10 Workhaus locations spanning across three different cities, Workhaus isn’t a baby anymore.

We thought we’d ask staff and members alike to outline some of their best moments with Workhaus in 2019.

Carla Borromeo
Director of Human Relations at Workhaus

2019 flew by in the blink of an eye. I am so proud of what Workhaus has accomplished thus far. Projects and processes our Community Managers have been working on these past months have made a huge impact on the the growth of Workhaus. Opening new locations in new neighbourhoods can be daunting, but at Workhaus it is happening with confidence and efficiency. There was no hesitation of the execution of opening new sites, as our team is so synced and we work like a well oiled machine, almost as if we all share the same brain. 

It is an inspiration to see the team dynamic strengthen through experience. Whether it be highs or lows, it is comforting to know we are all in this together. Our staff has bonded in such a way that we are so compassionate and empathetic of each other’s situation. No matter what the day brings, we are confident that we will always have the support we need. And with that, I can say that the love we have for each other is my Highlight of 2019.

Jasmine Roberts
Events Manager, Community Manager at Workhaus

I joined Workhaus in 2019, just in time to watch all the growth of our little engine that could. I’m so proud of all the partnerships and connections Workhaus made the past year, from our partnership with the TELUS 2019 Pitch, Samsung and Seneca College, this has been an exciting time to join the company.

I’ve grown a lot during my time with Workhaus, and am proud of the work we’ve been able to accomplish together. 

Takara Small
Founder of VentureKids Canada

VentureKids has grown so much in the past year, and it’s something that never could have happened without Workhaus. Almost a year ago, we hosted Black Women in Tech at Workhaus. It was a rare and beautiful moment to bring together black women across the technical workspace in one area. I remember it was practically a blizzard that night and we still had a full house. It really showed the power of VentureKids and the power of support we have behind it. 

Because of Workhaus, we have a space we can call home. It’s a major achievement that any startup wants and needs to have. It’s because of this home that VentureKids had the US Embassy attend their program.

Ethan Pelensky
Community Builder at Workhaus

Our big highlight event here was definitely Pixels and Pints 10th anniversary with over 150 attendees. This event really brought our community together in Calgary, and the turnout blew us all away. 

Jessica Bhola
Director of Growth at Workhaus

Working on the Spadina Opening Party & Startup Open House Toronto at Spadina have been two highlights of 2019 for me. Workhaus was able to partner with amazing Canadian talent like The Drake and NOW Toronto while highlighting entrepreneurs in this city.

Akshay Konjier
Co-Founder of Scout A.I

The beer tasting event that Workhaus put on at Commerce Court was a different kind of Workhaus event. It was great for networking and great for Members and Workhaus to get their names out there. Plus, I really love beer so, it was my favourite event by far.

Tori Morency
Director of Community at Workhaus

Hearing Workhaus’s name next to the giants of the world like Facebook and Samsung was a beautiful moment for us. Workhaus was a huge part of the innovations of 2019 in the entrepreneur world.

Adam Mawer
Director of Kitchener-Waterloo at Workhaus

Opening our first Kitchener-Waterloo location has been a ton of fun! I’ve had the pleasure of meeting so many great people (many of whom are now founding members of Workhaus Market!) and introducing Workhaus to the Kitchener-Waterloo ecosystem. We have some of the best and most helpful members and I can’t wait to see who joins us next as we continue to grow.

Venezia Orozco
Community Manager at Workhaus

2019 was a chaotic and beautiful year, and becoming part of the Workhaus family has been enlightening. It’s always wonderful seeing the relationships and partnerships that coworking creates, come to fruition in the Workhaus space. It’s more than just office space here, the people and staff care about one-another and that’s an invaluable feeling. I feel so lucky to have become part of the Workhaus team, and I am eager to see what we all accomplish together in 2020.

Stefanie Rachafalowski
Community Manager at Workhaus

My favourite Workhaus 2019 memory would definitely be the Spadina Housewarming! Between celebrating the opening of a new location, dancing with my colleagues (turned best friends!) and impromptu karaoke, it was one epic night! 

Chad Campbell
Community Manager at Workhaus

My favourite 2019 Workhaus memory was hosting the Movember social with Jess. It is a cause near and dear to my heart so to able to raise over $1000 for it felt very special to me. It was great to have a bunch of local Canadian companies donate some cool products for our members to win if they donated money. For me, the most amazing part was hearing a survivor of Prostate Cancer speak about his journey and survival story. Movember is just one of the many charitable causes that Workhaus associates with and I was proud to be a part of that.

Okay 2020, we’re ready for every and anything you want to throw at us.