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Monday Motivation

Monday Motivation: New Music To Work From Home With

By March 30, 2020 No Comments

We appreciate that the past few weeks have been difficult for everyone, and while we do what we can by social distancing we would like to highlight the Canadian’s releasing new music. In a time when we really need it the most – The Weekend, PartyNextDoor, Jessie Reyez amongst others, have all given us the gift of new music.

This playlist is full of a wide range of artists who have released music in the last few weeks.



If you are like me, you had some concerts you were really looking forward to attending coming up. Tours are one of the biggest sources of income for not only musicians and bands but also for concert venues, technicians and more behind the scenes people. You can read this Bustle article that shows how musicians have been affected by tour cancellations.

Until we can all get back to enjoying live music, this article provides some advice on how you can support your favourite bands from your own home. Whether you do it through buying merchandise/music, supporting their live stream or even donating to many charities that support musicians during this time. There are many ways to help your favourite bands who have given you so much joy in a time where everyone could use a little positivity.

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