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Monday Motivation

Monday Motivation: Workhaus Intern Playlist

By September 23, 2019 No Comments

Today is the official last day of summer, and while this signals the start of sweater weather, pumpkin spiced drinks and other fall activities, it also means time for us to say good bye to our summer interns.

We were honoured to have 3 amazing interns this summer, Sujan, Nicolas and Venezia! While we most definitely learned so much from them in their short time here (especially British related things as Nicolas and Sujan are from across the pond), it was important for them to get real-world experience and valuable workplace skill that they can use going forward! Here is what they took away from their time at Workhaus: 


workhaus-spotify-intern-playlist-01One of the main things I learned was how to properly talk to customers when they have problems, also the ability to make friendships and connections with customers while still remembering the business relationship involved. Obviously doing the interviews has made me more confident in learning about other people and gaging body language and what topics people react well too and what they don’t.


workhaus-spotify-intern-playlist-02My time at Workhaus emphasized how important it is to love the space you work in, as much as you do the company you work for. Adrian and Ryan have been hands-on the entire time I’ve been here; they’ve shown me that building something worth-while involves investing in your own team as much as you do the surrounding community. With this, they’ve built a team of awesome community managers and members that I really enjoyed working with! I look forward to seeing what else they’ll do.


workhaus-spotify-intern-playlist-03Workhaus was able to put a positive spin on Sujan’s intern experience. Before Workhaus, Sujan didn’t enjoy what he was doing, and knew that he needed a change, and a sense of community. Luckily, Workhaus provided him with just that! Sujan became a valued member of team, even creating and running his very own Workhaus social.

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