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Monday Motivation

Monday Motivation: Let’s Go To The EX!

By August 26, 2019 No Comments

These next few days are truly a special time in Toronto because the CNE is back! The CNE is a summer staple here and is full of fun, games, crazy food and music.  Talent such as Louis Armstrong, Johnny Cash, The Guess Who and more have all played the iconic Bandshell stage.

This year is full of talented musicians as well from some classics like April Wine and some newer names such as Delaney Jane. Be sure if you are checking out the CNE at all to stop by and listen to some really amazing music. This is part one of a 2 part playlist series on the music at the CNE.


Did you go and see someone play? Let me know about your experience and maybe I’ll see some of you there.

Visit for more information. If you want to sign up for Andy’s class, look no further than here!

Photo Credit @LetsGoToTheEx