Here’s How Workhaus Staff Celebrated Canada’s Day!

♪ Our home and native land ♪ After much anticipation, our Canada Day long weekend finally blessed us with some much needed RnR. The sun […]

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Our home and native land

After much anticipation, our Canada Day long weekend finally blessed us with some much needed RnR. The sun was shinning, the birds were chirping and the cottages were calling. Yeah, our team definitely took advantage.

Check out how the Workhaus staff celebrated Canada Day this year.

Community Manager Sara
Workhaus Locations: Sky & Bay

workhaus-staff-celebrate-canadas-day-sara“I spent my time vacating Canada to eat and drink my way through Paris with the fam”

Director of Kitchener – Waterloo Adam
Workhaus Location: Kitchener – Waterloo Market

workhaus-staff-celebrate-canadas-day-adam“To celebrate Canada Day, my girlfriend and I went to Ward’s Island (one of the Toronto Islands) and relaxed at one the best and most secret patios in Toronto – The Riviera. Their back patio overlooks Lake Ontario and the dozens of sailboats that were out because of the beautiful weather.”

Workhaus Intern Sujan
Workhaus Locations: Any and Everywhere!

workhaus-staff-celebrate-canadas-day-sujan“We went to a cottage near Tobermory and had a great time kayaking, doing trails, exploring Tobermory, eating my first Beavertails and just drinking and having a good time with good company :)”

Events Manger, Community Manager Jasmine
Workhaus Locations: Castle & Commerce Court

workhaus-staff-celebrate-canadas-day-jasmine“With the sun is shinning down on us all weekend, there really was only one option for my Canada Day plans – the beach . I spent Sunday with a group of friends on the beach and Saturday at the Thompson hotel for a pool party.

The magic ingredient? Day drinking.”

Community Manager Sam
Workhaus Locations: FiDi & Richmond


“I celebrated my Canada Day long weekend the same way I’ve spent most of my weekends this summer, by going up north to a friend’s cottage. The cottage was on an island North Bay; I haven’t been that far up north in a couple of years so it was really nice and the stars were insane. We ate lots of food, drank lots of beverages, listened to a lot of music, played some dice, had some fires, went on some boat rides, got sunburnt, watched some fireworks, and swam in the lake, among other things… Overall a pretty typical but wonderful Canadian cottage weekend.”

Community Manager Stefanie
Workhaus Locations: Commerce Court & Dundas

workhaus-staff-celebrate-canadas-day-stef“I spent the weekend at my family cottage on Stony Lake. The weather was great, the company was wonderful, and the drinks were flowing!”

Community Projects Manager Justine
Workhaus Locations: Any and Everywhere!

workhaus-staff-celebrate-canadas-day-justine“Started out with an impromptu visit to my hometown. From there I let the rest of the weekend unfold… Which lead me to:

  • LOTS of dog cuddles and playtime
  • An evening excursion down memory lane at my old high school with two of my longtime friends.
  • Crashing a dinner party, with private fireworks for dessert
  • An evening out dancing in the Byward market
  • Relaxing by the pool side with some of my nearest & dearest <3

My mom turned to me in the kitchen while listening to One dance and goes.. ‘ You know what, I really like Drake…but i think he just needs a good woman, you know? I might consider him to almost be deserving of you.’

I almost cried.”

Community Manager Chad
Workhaus Locations: Richmond & Castle

workhaus-staff-celebrate-canadas-day-chad“I celebrated Canada a day early this year at my friend’s house, we played a variety of games, had a bbq with meats from all over Canada and drank some Canadian beer. The best part was at the end of the night having a bonfire with everyone, music playing some Neil Young as we all sit back, maybe have a S’mores or two and bask in the beauty that is Canada.”

Director of Human Relations Carla
Workhaus Locations: Bay & Sky

workhaus-staff-celebrate-canadas-day-carla“I spent the weekend with my family! We have an annual beach day at Woodbine beach with a volleyball tournament and Beersbee tournament. I did not win the games.

Then hung out with my dogs on Monday.”

Community Manager Ellie
Workhaus Locations: Castle & FiDi

workhaus-staff-celebrate-canadas-day-ellie“I spent the weekend in Muskoka. The red boat is called a Sleek Craft speed boat and the small boat is called a Sea Flea and we named it the Tiny Titan!”