Workhaus Staff’s Haus of Horror

Halloween is upon us. And you know what that means! Candy, parties and costumes! This is the one night where it’s perfectly okay for adults […]

What's Happening in The Haus?

Halloween is upon us. And you know what that means! Candy, parties and costumes! This is the one night where it’s perfectly okay for adults to dress up as their favourite superheroes, Disney princesses or even celebrities and no one can say a thing. 

Tonight, Workhaus is celebrating with our very own Haus of Horror (said with a spooky voice). Our community is dressing up in some of their best costumes and spending some quality time together in the lounge of our Commerce Court location. 

But before the festivities begin tonight at 6pm, some of our staff wanted to share past Halloween costumes they’ve worn. 

I won’t lie, most of these are pretty genius.

Venezia Orozco
Community Manager

Some of my absolute favorite costumes are the punny ones – i.e cereal killers, McCormick ‘spice’ girls – all the dad jokes. But I also adore theatrical outfits as well! I’m going to be a woman of mystery this October 31st… only because I’m not entirely sure what my actual costume will be, but we’ll see! Either way, I can’t wait to get spooky with you guys.

Sean Coates
Director of Western Canada

I regularly go to a big Halloween House Party, where most of the costumes are solid play-on-words ones. There’s been some awesome ones over the years, but this was the year that I won. This year I’m going to go as a Pirate I think, giving the big gash I have across my eye, already.

That, or the original Nick Fury.

Jasmine Roberts
Events Manager, Community Manager

workhaus-staff-halloween-costumes-jasmineI’ve never been much of a costume gal, but every so often I pull off a surprise and get into the Halloween spirit. My favourite costume was the year I dressed up as a referee. I thought it was ironic since I’ve never watched an entire sports game in my life.

For tonights’ party I had big aspirations. I wanted to be Storm from the X-Men, Princess Jasmine from Aladdin (one guess as to why I picked her), Scary Spice from the Spice Girls, or even a Minion from Despicable Me. So what did I land on? Guess you’ll have to come tonight to find out.

Samantha Rodrigues
Community Manager


Some of my favourite Halloween costumes from the past include: Voldemort, Crying Drake (an old 2012 meme), and Dead Dorothy – I was probably 6 years old and wanted to go as Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz, but I also wanted to be something scary… so I went as a bloody, dead looking Dorothy ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Unfortunately, I didn’t have any good photos of these costumes readily available, but my mom recently found this photo of me dressed as Sailor Moon… It may not be my favourite halloween costume, but the amount of lipstick that I’m unnecessarily wearing definitely makes it a top contender!

This year, I’ll be going as a hotdog. Sans lipstick.

Chad Campbell
Community Manager

Halloween is great because it allows you to be someone you aren’t, which is always fun. As a self-proclaimed nerd, superheroes have always been a big part of my costume choices. Including two of my favourites, Captain America and Spiderman. The Spiderman one got me in some trouble during high school because I started climbing things (I’m on top of the equipment shed in the picture) and the principal did not enjoy that! I was able to get some mileage out of that costume, using it years later under normal clothing and going as “Peter Parker”. Listen, university can be expensive and costumes are a luxury okay?

Ellie Godfrey
Community Manager

Workhaus-staff-halloween-costumes-ellieI’m not usually one to go all out on Halloween, I usually throw something easy together last minute.. I know, need to pick up my A-game. Last year I was a pirate – the captain of the ship. However, somehow I ended up getting hand-cuffed to a boy dressed as a secret agent for the rest of the night and could not find the key… that was interesting. 

This year, some of the Workhaus girls will be dressing up as the Spice Girls! I will be coming as Sporty Spice, cause you know.. I’m a sporty gal. Can’t wait for the party! Gonna be a good time

Justine Erdelyi
District Manager


Okay… So as a kid I always loved Halloween. I would put in extra effort to come up with creative ways to scare people all month long and decorate our house in the most terrifying way to make our place one where you EARNED that Halloween candy.
Funny thing is… I myself am TERRIBLE at being scared. And never was one for scary costumes…
So when it came time to choose a costume … instead of being a ghost or ghoul. I chose things like fairies and owls…. BUT my favourite to date, which I’ll be making a second appearance this year, is by far a lion!
When I was younger I always adored the lion from The Wizard of Oz, so 4 year old me decided that I HAD to be a lion. Luckily I have the most creative & loving Mom in the world… who sat down and made this 4 year old me’s Halloween dream come true! She made this costume from scratch and I had the most ferocious all night long!
This year im paying tribute to that … but this year I think the lion doesn’t need as much courage as the one before.

We’re excited to see all the costumes and to see you all tonight!