Member Spotlight: Isograd

Meet Isograd, an online platform for digital skills assessments and certifications, working out of Workhaus’ 30 Wellington St. W. location

Member Spotlight

Tell us, what does Isograd do?

Isograd is an online platform for digital skills assessments and certifications.

We have two brands: Isograd Testing Services for recruitment tests and Tosa for certification exams.

Isograd Testing Services provides a turnkey assessment solution for recruitment and training. Whether you need off the shelf or custom-made assessments, we are here to help you make the right choices with the right data. Recruit the best profiles, manage team performance, and put skill at the center of your strategy.

Tosa certifications allow individuals to differentiate themselves from others in the job market. Being Tosa certified proves to prospective or current employers that an individual has the right skills for the job. Tosa Certification increases employability by helping individuals precisely identify and validate their digital skill set. We provide educators, trainers, and business professionals with reliable assessment and certification tools that meet their business needs.

Who is your ideal customer? What problem does your company help them solve?

The ideal customer for Isograd Testing Services is any recruitment firm, corporate HR/recruiters, public sector, and government agencies. We help companies and agencies reduce time-to-hire, hire candidates ready to hit the ground running, and reduce costs associated with employee turnover. 

The ideal customer for Tosa is any learning / training centre, any school (public or private, K-12 and higher ed). The Tosa certification exam is the international growing standard for measuring the most common software skills. Tosa certifications are the result of many years of development and innovation. They are based on a rigorous methodology and unique know-how to meet your quality and reliability challenges. Each of our tests is based on a skills framework, which allows our clients to easily integrate Tosa certifications within their existing content or curriculum. We partner with publishers and training companies to provide complete learning and certification solutions. 

Share something that you’re excited about (feature upgrades, new hires, a big deal landed, recent investments, etc.)! 

We are opening our test creation platform to our clients who will now be able to create their own recruitment test(s) directly from their account using a selection of questions from our question banks in multiple subjects such as Microsoft Office Suite, Google Workspace, Adobe Creative Suite/Cloud, Coding, Digital Skills and more. 

Tell us about a challenge that your business faced and what steps you took to overcome it.

We recently had to integrate a major ATS (Applicant Tracking System) via our API in a very limited time for a prospect. With how quickly our developers completed the integration, we were able to get their business. Despite our presence in multiple countries, we are still a human-size company and that allows us to act quickly when needed.

What attracted you to join Workhaus?

We needed the flexibility to change office size as our team grows. Also, we wanted to be located in a part of downtown that is easily accessible from the subway and for our clients and coworkers visiting. Workhaus was able to fulfill our business needs, and they are reasonably priced compared to other coworking spaces around so the decision was a no-brainer.

For more information on Isograd, feel free to check out their website.

Isograd Testing Services

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